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Rian Johnson.
Story: Nothing could blemish the otherwise lavish birthday party at the palatial estate of the acclaimed crime/mystery novelist, Harlan Thrombey, except for his strange and unaccountable death. Now, the sharp knife in the silver-haired deceased's hand is a dead giveaway that something, or someone, had been bothering Harlan; nevertheless, the cryptic detective, Benoit Blanc, is not entirely sure. Indeed, there is more than one member of the successful author's clingy family who has been economical with the truth so far–and as Blanc struggles to shed light on a tangled mess of half-baked leads and little white lies–all eyes are on the grand prize: Harlan's magnificent legacy. Can Benoit get to the bottom of this perplexing case before someone else dies, too?.
Chris Evans, Ana de Armas.
Countries: USA.
score: 286148 Votes

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It was nice and funny! 🤘👍 Didn’t expect Captain America is there. 🤣 I also suspected that grandpa is still alive. the thrill was so great.
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If you are suspicious of high ratings these days as I am, go see my ratings, I do not praise a movie easly. This is perhaps the best movie of the year. Its horizon is extremely narrow, it’s just a whodunnit with a hint of immigration themes, but it’s perfectly executed. It’s grotesque, with a couple of funny moments and tongue in cheek humor. Flawless acting by a great cast, beautifully directed in this over-the-top story. Lots of twists. Utterly satisfying.

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Good storytelling.
sense of humor.
excited ending.
you can feel ur heart beats faster.
describes human instinct very nicely.
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Tries way too hard to be funny. The writer attempts to create quirky and interesting characters and fails miserably. If you wanted to make a funny film you should’ve used funny actors. Every attempt at comedy fails in this ‘t hold it.
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