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Swipeless in Seattle? ‘The microbrewery of dating apps’ aims to correct your love life

Swipeless in Seattle? ‘The microbrewery of dating apps’ aims to correct your love life

Ben Mussi and Marina Resto at Pike Put marketplace on July 16. Mussi happens to be on-and-off solitary for almost fifteen years while Resto happens to be solitary in Seattle for the previous 36 months. (Picture by Agueda Pacheco Flores/Crosscut)

The high 35-year-old IT supervisor turns up at Fremont Brewing almost on time. I glance around not certain who I’m searching for and content him. I type, “I’m wearing tie-dye, ” and press forward. Quickly, he arises close to me personally: “Agueda? ”

We shake Ben Mussi’s hand and introduce myself, since we just quickly exchanged details of our meetup on Instagram. We find an area to stay down, we grab my pen, and switch on my recorder. He provides to purchase me personally an alcohol, but we decrease. We both have our very own beverages because it is not a romantic date.

I’m right right here to communicate with Mussi about his life that is dating and he made a decision to produce The Seattle Dating App (due to introduce in September). He is fast to reveal that when you look at the 15 years he’s lived in Seattle he’s spent because time that is much while he’s in relationships.

Planning to start his very own company, as any aerospace engineer would, he grabbed a white board final wintertime and presented all their tasks to spot their passion. Only a little embarrassed, Mussi noticed he invested great deal of the time swiping on dating apps. Their project came to be.

A whole lot is stated of dating apps and Seattle’s dating scene through the years. Generally speaking, what locals blame from the Seattle Freeze is much just about just just just what culture blames on dating apps: a scene that provides therefore several choices that individuals increasingly don’t understand how to commit.

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